Handling, Shipments and Returns

Tangonaut SRL, the owner of Tangonaut.com, orders and collects the merchandise from various manufacturers around the world (mostly from Europe, especially Italy, but many other places too) based on the firm pre-orders or backorders of its final customers (YOU) to their warehouse and dispatch headquarters in Constanta, Romania. 

Therefore, all orders would be accepted upon payment of a flat handling fee, usually €9 or equivalents ($10, etc..) 

On top of that, there are shipping fees depending on the client's country of destination (delivery address) based on the quotes of the various shipping carriers used. Sometimes there is more than a single shipping solution, so pick yours (during the checkout process) carefully. 

For instance, for domestic delivery (in Romania) there would be an option to pick up your order directly from our shop's warehouse (location Constanta, Romania) or to have them shipped to your own address, say in Bucharest, for a certain carrier fee (usually approx €5). as such, delivery in Romania could be €9 (pickup in store) or €14 directly to your home.  

For other countries, there are different fees, the farther from Romania your country is, the more expensive the fees. 

We use very reputable carriers, such as UPS, DPD, GLS, DHL, etc... 
Usually, the carrier's fees are in the range of €16...€25 for European Union countries, a bit higher for non-EU European countries (~€30) and even higher for other continents, such as ~$50...$60 for North America, etc.. 

Please note
The carriers charge based on weight/volume combo, but the smallest slot corresponds quite the same for a package with either two boxes of shoes, or one pair only. 

In order to decrease the S&H costs per pair, we highly encourage you to buy two pairs of shoes on one order (or even more than two) as you will notice there are only slightly higher fees for more pairs. 

We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot automatically group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. 
However, in case you placed two (or more) separate orders and none of them was shipped yet, please contact us to manually have them put together, if possible.

Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, according to your chosen carrier's conditions, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects. 

All the packages are delivered well-protected, usually in boxes (the original manufacturer's packaging) with all the accessories that the suppliers usually add (shoe-bags, for instance) and some extras from Tangonaut, whenever applicable) 

Return Guarantee

We strongly believe in providing the highest possible quality services and accordingly, sell the highest possible quality goods. However, we feel obliged to re-assure you that you have the right to disagree... 

You have 14 days return guarantee period, from the day of delivery, to assess the quality and fitness of the merchandise, in the improbable case you would like to return it. 

However, during these 14 days you can choose to return the goods without any reason whatsoever, although we'd like to know why in order to improve our services.

This guarantee is valid, only proven that the goods are in pristine condition, as they were shipped, with all the accessories, gifts, bonuses, bags, etc...in the original packaging and with the seals intact. 

All merchandise is new (unless otherwise expressly specified beforehand) and proven so, for instance all tango shoes would have a protective plastic foil on the outsole. 

For instance, you can return a pair of shoes that you tested and doesn't fit perfectly, but the plastic foil seal on the outsole must not be removed. 

In case your shoes do not perfectly fit, we shall exchange them with the next larger/smaller size that you ask for, the replacement shoes shipping fees from our warehouse to your address being dropped, but you are still responsible for shipping them back. 

The handling and shipping fees are non-refundable. Only the price of the shoes is, in case you want that. Also, the return shipping fees are on you. 

We don't want to have unsatisfied customers, we strive to provide a brilliant service, therefore, to avoid any kind of mishaps, please study carefully the size equivalence charts, talk to someone from our staff, etc...make sure that you order the perfect shoe from the beginning. 

In the unlikely event that you are still unsatisfied in this case, please contact us and inform us of the returning goods, the shipping options you have (the refund reasons if you'd agree to share) and allow the merchandise to arrive here, be inspected and the refund approved, and you will be granted it within 30 days from receiving the goods back, by PayPal or by Bank order, or even direct credit/debit card refund, whatever works easier. 

Any extra money refunding fees, if you choose other options of payment, especially, will be deducted from the total amount. Some options do not carry such fees, though, such as PayPal refunds, in case you paid by PayPal. 


Please note that we do not keep stock (inventory) in almost no cases.
These goods are usually manufactured only after you order them.

As such, delivery times vary from supplier to supplier, from 7-10 days minimum, upto 45-60 days sometimes, plus the delivery extra time needed for the merchandise to be shipped and arrive at your address.

Please be patient!
If the goods are not delivered within 60 days you can ask about the proceedings, if you are not satisfied, only then can you ask for a refund. 

Also, if the goods you have ordered are customized in any way whatsoever (change of heel height, change of color, change of materials, etc...) it means they are not series products anymore and you are not entitled to any replacement/refund guarantee, except, of course, in case the quality is at fault (which doesn't ever happen, though) in which case you are only entitled to a replacement. 

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