About us - Why Tangonaut?..

Tangonaut in the early days

Tangonaut's concept was born back in 2013, out of the personal journey of tango (and self) discovery of Steve Lorenzo's, Argentine Tango Teacher at DeepEmbrace Tango School in Constanta, Romania. 
At the time, there weren't many tango shoes brands really represented in his country (and neighbouring areas as well, such as Moldova, Bulgaria), nor were there tango clothes and apparel. Only dancers who tango traveled a lot and bought such shoes/clothes at various events abroad would have them, or brought them to their friends, when coming back home.
There were, indeed, e-shops and marketplaces online, but all those shop's headquarters were far away and the transport fees almost equaled the cost of shoes or clothes sometimes.

Steve wanted to change all that, so during his own travels and journeys, tested and wore a lot of brands, until he filtered the very best of the best of them to represent back home and recommend to his own students, at first. At some moment in 2016, his partner Ingi came in (they dance and teach together now) and she, as well, tested a lot of women's shoes and brands, until they both had the personal, unmitigated first-hand experience of what is now a collection of really good, soft, easy to wear, high quality manufacturing, truly beautiful tango shoes to recommend from the bottom of their hearts. 

Tangonaut today

Everything you find on this website is a work of art, carefully handmade/manufactured with love by the hands of experienced shoe artists, designers, workers, all around the world, but mostly from Italy, with high quality leather and beautiful accessories.

Now, Tangonaut strives to become not only a local/regional retailer/reseler/distributor, but rather a global player on this market.
During the existence of the e-shop, we had delivered our shoes/clothes to very far, quite remote locations, on almost all continents already: firstly in Europe, followed by the US, Australia, Asia and even N.Africa.

Soon at Tangonaut

Tangonaut started as a reseller for two of the most famous Italian brands, Tangolera (former Bandolera) along with their salsa shoes collection Salsolera, and of course Schizzo
Soon, tango apparel was added, from brands such as Tangolera's sister company Rossa Spina and Italian brand Gantle so far.  
Recently, Entonces - another Italian handmade high class tango shoes manufacturer - has joined us. 

However, more and more brands are, and will be, added to the shop all the time...La Rosa del Tango, Madame Pivot, Regina, Nada Mas, Embrace, Lisadore, Odile, Pluma, Alegra, Werner Kern, 2x4 al Pie, 2HB, TangoLeike, Paoul, Awam, Madreselva, DNI, Comme Il Faut, Turqoise, and many, many other brands coming soon.

All the products showcased on the website are conforming to our slogan:

"Exquisite, yet Affordable Luxury!"
brought by Tangonaut.com




Why Tangolera?.. 

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In 2004, Pasquale Girardi (owner of Tangolera), reknowned dancer and expert of Argentine Tango, had a dream...

As a result, in the inland hills of Rimini, Italy, an ambitious project began - to unite an innovative high-performance line of footwear with the experience gained on the dance floor.

Pasquale began his dancing career in 1997 and became a Tango teacher in 2000. His passion for Tango encouraged him to perfect his art more and more and, together with professional dancer Luciana Semprini, who always accompanied him, he took part in events in Italy and Europe with workshops and performances: Metz Festival, Festival of Crest in France, Tango Norte in Stockholm and Antwerp Tango Festival to name but a few.

He is also the creater and organiser of the famous International Festival "Rimini Tango Fusion", a very successful event that made its debut in 2007 and took place every year until the New Year’s Eve festivities of 2010.

Through his dancing and by speaking regularly with other professional, and non-professional, dancers he became more and more aware of the importance of using technically exemplary and, of course, comfortable shoes.

He soon realized that it wasn't possible to find shoes with features he considered essential in Italy or overseas, even though Italy boasts a prestigious shoe-making tradition that is abundant with proposals.

He came up with a new project he named: “Tangolera Shoes”.

The first Tangolera were produced in collaboration with amateur designers, after which the design of the shoes was passed to fashion professionals like Fabiana Montesi, Head of Fashion.

At the same time the innovative insole NO MORE PAIN was developed for the female line; a unique feature that made Bandolera (now Tangolera) the queen of tango shoes throughout the world, with more than 80 dealers spread across almost 30 countries.

The company now employs 45 people from workers to experts.

As a result of the passion and perception of the Argentina Tango professional who believed in his dreams, and with the help of expert Italian craftsmen, the very idea of how tango shoes are made was dramatically changed by Tangolera.

Tangolera has now finally arrived in Romania (also Bulgaria and Moldova) through Tangonaut. 

Try once...you've never experienced such softness, lightness and professional craftsmanship, ever!


Why Schizzo?..

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The brand “Schizzo”, was founded in 1976. Schizzo products are entirely handmade with the best Italian leather and other materials of prime quality.

The firm specializes in Sport shoes, and is located in the area of Montebelluna renown as an industrial district specialized in the production of shoes. The area is well known worldwide for its applied technology in shoe manufacturing. In Montebelluna, some of the most renowned brands were created.

Combining sport and dance manufacturing technologies, Schizzo produces shoes that are unique in their kind - the shoes are light, very comfortable and suit every technical requirement. 
Thanks to the long-lasting experience of De Bortoli in the industry of footwear with high technical content (pilot shoes, hockey shoes), here comes a product that combines the comfort of a typical sneaker and the elegance of a shoe with modern but refined design.

In particular, we point out the innovative transpiration system and the sneaker model for women, which is essential for those who spend many hours studying Argentine tango. Another Made-in-Italy excellence that, once worn, you will find difficult to take off. 

An elegant Italian Tango Shoes design created by Valentina Galvani, the stylist seduced by tango in the city of Lecce, deepened by her experiences in the tango environment of Bologna and Rimini. The freshness, simplicity and functionality of our shoes talks about her experience.

An idea born and developed many years ago in Torino, the Italian capital of Argentinian Tango, from a visceral passion.

A company that collaborates with the finest of the leather and footwear professionals in the Italian sector. It includes the best professionals, as well as the most experienced dancers.

Entonces T-Shoes, include a foam padding anti stress insole, that make them ergonomic from heel to toe and offer a guaranteed long lasting cushioning, using the best raw materials.

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