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The perfect fitted training shoes, sneakers and jazz shoes for all your practice needs.
They are light, airy and comfortable, coming in lots of colors and combinations and all possible sizes.

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    Jazz shoes for Tango practicas 

    Jazz shoes are a type of dancing shoes used primarily in jazz dance (as the name suggests), but also other styles of dance including acro dance, hip hop, rock'n'roll, as well as other sporting activities, such as aerobics. 

    Jazz shoes are available in a variety of styles, with varying features.
    They may be high-rise or low-rise, and may slip-ons or laced-up Oxfords.

    Split-sole jazz shoes allow enhance shoe flexibility, making it possible to flex the foot more easily. There are some full-soled jazz shoes models as well.

    Most jazz shoes have rubber soles to provide traction and some have thicker heels for better shock-absorption.

    For tango and latino dancers practicas, we propose a new style, a split-sole jazz-shoe with suede front outsole and rubber heels, allowing better and easier pivots on the metatarses, as well as a firm grip on the floor, when sitting on the heels. 

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