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What is the difference between the various feet widths (plant forms)?

Our shop offers a large collection of tango shoes from different brands, each of them having their own specificities. 
However, in general, there are three main formats available: 

  • * Wide Feet 

  • This has an extra-large sole which is most suitable to particularly wide and square-shaped or Hallux Valgus feet.

  • * Regular Feet 

  • This is the most common form, with a wide and comfortable sole fitting most feet types, especially the egyptian-shaped feet, where the big toe is longer than the others. 

  • * Narrow Feet 

  • The sole on this format is long and narrow and fits sleek, slim and thin feet. Particularly suitable to a greek-shaped foot, where the second toe is longer than the others. 

When browsing our website, you can always narrow down by filtering your search results based on the Feet Width parameter.

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How long does it take to get my ordered shoes/clothes?

Our shop offers a large collection of tango shoes and clothes from different brands, each of them having their own specificities. 

Generally speaking, Tango shoes and/or clothes are made upon your preorder and the production cycle takes 45-60 days on average. Allow about one more week extra for Int'l delivery.

However, due to certain special circumstances, such as having a certain model/size in stock for exhibitions, the order could be processed almost immediately. 

Currently, only one of the brands we represent, namely Tangolera, fulfills our orders more hastily and, while under the same provisions (45-60 days production), in reality Tangolera orders are fulfilled much faster, anywhere between 7-10 days minimum, upto 10-15 days on average. 

Keep in mind that an order that combines multiple brands will take the time needed for the last item to arrive in our warehouse, plus the Int'l delivery, even when some other items were ready prior to that. 

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Can I use Tango shoes as simple street shoes or during weddings, parties, etc?..

Well, Yes and No! 

Tango shoes' outsoles are made of different materials like suede, chroma, real leather, etc...  

When/Where/Why NO? 

Suede outsoles are not good against concrete or asphalt outside, or on any other rough surface, obviously. 
If your shoes have suede outsoles don't wear them outside, not even to get off the car and enter somewhere. 
There may be water on the street that could wet the outsoles making them unfit for dancing, for instance....
Or there may be small pebbles, dirt or dust that can get impregnated/encased into the sole, rendering it improper for dancing in a short while. 

When/Where/How/Why YES?

However, there are other types of outsoles like chroma, or Italian 'Vero Cuoio' (real leather), which Tango shoes could be fitted with. These, in certain circumstances, can be used outside as well, but it would still take a toll on the shoes' smoothness while dancing, so try to avoid wearing them outside if/whenever possible. 

For special occasions like open-air, outside milongas, various parties/events, try using one of your older pairs that you are not wearing while dancing in milongas anymore. 

Alternatively ask a cobbler to fit your older shoes with a new outside-able outsole and voila, you can use them outside safely. 

For all the exceptional sizes people out there, it's also a YES...

We have many clients, wearing end-of-range sizes like #34 or #41/42 (ladies), or #39 or #46/47 (men), who confessed they buy our shoes for day-to-day usage as well, given they are so very comfortable and otherwise they can hardly find such beautiful models available from other brands (types of shoes, other than Tango made-for) anyway. 

Especially for tiny feet ladies (#34) who usually buy shoes from children's shops, where they do not find high-heels shoes, who use Tango shoes on the street or at the office, mostly. 

It's a YES for weddings, too!

For weddings or other ceremonies don't stress too much, just wear them and you'll look absolutely glamorous.
Try to avoid using a model with suede outsoles for outside, but they are ideal on almost any surface inside, even on carpets. 

Suede is the preferred sole for dancers. It is smooth and great for pivoting. If the floor you dance on is slippery you can brush the shoe’s sole to increase resistance. 

So it's a YES for special occasions, like weddings or other parties, especially given the fact they are made to feel extremely comfortable for long hours wearing, while dancing. 

You will never have to jump off your party shoes, into some simple, heel-less ballerinas anymore. Your feet will be happy and feel comfortable all night, dancing or not. 

The super comfort given by the special geometry of how Tango shoes are made, along with the smoothness and softness of the uppers' leathers and kid lining, as well as the memory-foam insoles, common to most Tango shoes, will reduce your fatigue level, sometimes even pain, which is often caused by high heels.
This is true even for men not wearing heels, obviously. 

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What are the available heel heights? Can I order a pair with different heel height than shown on website?

In general, tango shoes are made to perfect equilibrium on certain heel heights, the ranges varying from 22mm (for men's shoes) through 3cm or 4cm for women's practica shoes, followed by 5, 6, 7, 8, 9cm and upto even 10cm for certain brands.

You can always filter search results on the website, by selecting your preferred heel height(s).

It is possible sometimes to order a certain model, which is available on the website on a certain height, to be customized with a heel of different height. This is, in our humble opinion, non-advisable (the shoes' geometry would be changed, the perfect balance may suffer a little bit), it costs extra (10..15 EUR per pair) and the resulting shoes are non-refundable/exchangeable. It also takes quite some time to process (a few months). 

However, the brands we currently represent offer their models in at least two variants (i.e. 7cm and 9cm) alternative, sometimes even more. There are also models in all ranges of heights, to choose from.

Currently, the brands on our website offer the following heel heights:

Tangolera Women

Tangolera Men 

Schizzo Sneakers Men/Unisex 

Entonces Women 


On each product's page, shown for a certain heel height, if there are other heights available as well, there is a rectangular button that says...

"also available in HEEL X"

(where 'X' is the alternative height)

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What if I'm between sizes? Are half sizes available?

Some brands offer half sizes, indeed. However, the brands we store don't.

In principle, whenever you're in between sizes, choose rather the next larger size, than the smaller one.
However, keep in mind that wearing a size in between on street shoes doesn't necessarily translate equally on dance/tango shoes.

As a general rule, try to choose a size that fits comfortable, yet tight, not loose. These shoes will get the format of your feet in a short while, when worn.

Don't choose a size where your feet exceed in length the soles, though. You don't want your toes on the floor, nor your heels to overflow your shoes.

There are also widths to consider, so if a certain model feels right in length but it's too tight, the next larger size may feel good in girth, but the sole can be too long. Better choose some other model then.

Last but not least, the uppers materials/fabrics matter a lot, as well. Keep in mind that suede, followed by pure nappa leather are the smoothest and most easier to mold on your feet quickly, while glitter or textile covers may feel a bit more rigid in the beginning and patent leather even more, and won't loosen so much in time as the first ones mentioned.

Here is a guide to find your Tango shoes size in particular for the brand Tangolera
(but it works the same with any other brand, basically):

How to Find my Tangolera Shoes Size

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Can I ask a cobbler to modify my shoes?

There are a variety of modifications that a cobbler can do, some of them are okay and advisable, some others don't.

Can I ask a cobbler to reduce the height of my heels?

This is something we don’t recommend at all: in fact heels’ height is proportionally designed according to the shape and the length of the sole.
If you modify that, your shoes will loose their carefully designed equilibrium and stability. 

Can I ask a cobbler to enlarge my shoes which feel too tight? 

This is possible. Cobblers have a special shoe tree they can use for this purpose. It usually takes 24-48 hrs for the shoes to get a new shape on this shoe tree.

If you are between sizes, but the length of the sole is okay, while the girth is too tight, wearing the next larger size available might not be the best option, so enlarging the correct length sole size shoes is a better solution.

For other advice regarding the best size fit for you, see also this other FAQ:
"What if I'm between sizes? Are half sizes available?"

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